Dazzle Your Friends With Incredible Custom Jewelry

See what our designer has to offer in New Orleans, LA

Whether you need the perfect necklace to complete your favorite outfit, or you want a beautiful ring to wear for special occasions, Lightstone Jewelry in New Orleans, LA can help you find what you need. Our designer makes all kinds of custom jewelry, including rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more.

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Using vibrant stones in all our pieces

No matter what kind of jewelry you're in the market for, you'll find something amazing in our collection. We use a large variety of different gemstones to make unique pieces. You can get a beautiful piece made with:

Alexandrite | Amethyst | Aquamarine | Diamond| Emerald | Opal | Pearl | Peridot | Ruby | Spessartite Garnet | Sapphire | Spinel | Tanzanite | Tourmaline | Tsavorite | Zoisite | And Many More

For custom jewelry, you can choose from our entire inventory of stones or request that we source a stone from anywhere in the world. You'll then work with our designer who will create a loose sketch followed by a digital model, both of which you'll approve before we move forward with your piece.

Call 319-560-2601 now if you're interested in a custom piece. Custom pieces typically take eight weeks to craft.

What you need to know about our gemstones

Gemstone sourcing is an important part of creating beautiful custom jewelry. This process can be difficult, but it's important to spend the extra time needed to make sure you get gemstones from an ethical source. Our designer only works with stones with a traceable background. This means they can ensure where each stone comes from and make sure to support suppliers who provide ethically sourced and mined stones.

For more information on our gemstone sourcing process, reach out to us today.